The Digital Intelligence Platform

Burt provides intelligence and analytics to digital publishers,
turning big data into insight, action and revenue.

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700+ terabytes of data collected for the leading digital publishers

We provide the tools needed for everyone within digital publishers to get things done

Make accurate decisions based on data.

Ad Sales

Provide your ad sales team with the best insights and reporting tools. Your sales team will get more productive and your customers will be more satisfied.

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Allow your digital analysts to focus on analyzing data rather than spending hours getting different data sources into Excel. Provide your organization with the insights they need!

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Make your site more enjoyable for consumers by understanding their patterns and behavior, based on first party data.

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Ad operations

Make use of all the data already stored in your warehouses. Integration costs represent more than 50% of all systems implementation initiatives. We have already taken care of that for you!

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Decision makers

Get a better grip on your business with easy access to the KPIs that are most relevant for you.

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All-in-one data platform for digital media

Our platform is built to support digital media owners, rather than online marketing
and e-commerce. We combine detailed media measurement, powerful big data capabilities and beautiful data visualizations.

Burt Analytics

Visual insights and reporting.

Maximize your insights with a set of modular apps that provide easy to understand and intuitive reports based on your data.

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